CocoaPods: error 'Unable to install vendored xcframework `PDFNet` for Pod `CordovaPlugins`, because it contains both static and dynamic frameworks'

Product: Apryse iOS

Product Version: 10.5.0

Hi everyone!

I’m suffering the following error:

Unable to install vendored xcframework PDFNetfor PodCordovaPlugins, because it contains both static and dynamic frameworks.

When syncing a Capacitor project with npx cap sync --inline command. We’re using:

Apryse iOS 10.5.0, dynamic .xcframework libraries both for PDFNet and Tools.
Capacitor 5.0.3
Ionic 7
Ruby 3.2.0, Cocoapods 1.14.3

Has anyone had the same error in their Ionic/capacitor project?

Thanks a lot.

Javier Bonilla | Mobbeel

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Hi Javier,
Are you using the pdftron-cordova project? If so, please note that the project is no longer being maintained or developed:–if-you-are-looking-for-a-cross-platform-native-mobile-solution-check-out-our-react-native-solution-or-flutter-solution-if-you-are-looking-to-add-to-webviewer-to-your-current-cordovaionic-project-check-out-our-webviewer-cordova-sample

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Hi !

It was an internal problem integrating the iOS library that is now solved, it had nothing to do with PDFTron.

Thanks a lot!

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