Command Line Tool for Extracting Text Coordinates in PDF

Q: We are trying to extract coordinates from pdfs based on a text
search string. We would prefer to keep you as our sole vendor for
this sort of thing. Do you have a product that would fit the bill?
A: One option is PDF2Text command-line utility (for Windows, Linux, or
Mac). You can download the utility from the downloads page (http:// PDF2Text allows text extraction
word-by-word, or in the form of XML output that can include both
positioning and styling information.

In case, you find that PDF2Text doesn't fit the bill, you can also use
TextExtractor class in PDFNet SDK ( to
implement the required functionality (PDF2Text itself is a simple
utility developed using PDFNet SDK API). As a starting point you may
want to take a look at TextExtract sample project (