Compare Video Annotation Tools

@pdftron/webviewer”: “10.6.0”,
@pdftron/webviewer-video”: “4.35.5”,

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Compare Video Annotation Tool

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I am trying to show the annotation tool in the compare video in this sample:

I have tried the same steps in showing in compare document, but this does not show it.
I have tried also downloading the sample from git. But it does not show the annotation tool either. Please help

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I tried this sample but it doesn’t show the annotation tool either in video compare

Hello johanne.ongchangco,

The annotations for WebViewer video are disabled for compare videos by default. You can enable them by using the following code snippet:

await videoInstance.UI.enableCompareMode();

I’ve tested it, and it worked fine with the following versions (also 10.7.1 looked fine)

"@pdftron/webviewer": "10.6",
    "@pdftron/webviewer-audio": "^2.21.7",
    "@pdftron/webviewer-video": "^4.35.7",

However, if you encounter any bugs, please let us know and we will take a look into it.