Concerning support for 64bit versions of Windows7 and Windows 2008

Q: The Platforms currently supported list on the PDFNet SDK web page
does not list support for the 64 bit variants of Windows2008 and
Windows 7. Although the what’s new sections do say that 64bit support
is available for C/C++ and Java no mention is made of .NET, does this
mean that 64 bit support is only available for Unix platforms?
A: PDFNet is supported on all 64-bit Windows variants (as well as on
64-bit Linux, and Mac). Also .NET component is also supported on the
64-bit variants of Windows2008 and Windows 7. You can download the 64-
bit version(s) from:

If you want to use the same .NET compoenent on both 32-bit and 64-bit
systems, change the ‘Platfrom Traget’ (in VS2010 located under
‘Solution properties’ > ‘Build’ > ‘Platfrom Traget’) to x86.

Alternatively you can use 64 bit version of PDFNet on 64-bit systems
and 32-bit version on 32-bit systems (in This case you would need
either two separate installers or some logic in the installer to copy
the appropriate DLL based on the target system). You can download the
latest version from