Connecting U3D Animation to a Bookmark

Hello - I have a couple of animations created inside U3D. For every
step I have created bookmarks. Now I am looking at linking the
Bookmark to the animation. I have read about the undocumented AN key
and have created the dictionary. But its not working as I expected it
to. The next step I am struggling with is setting the Camera Views and
3D Model object visibility. Help!


Assuming that you are talking about PDF bookmarks/outlines, you can
create a GoTo3DView action as follows (in C#):

Obj action = doc.CreateIndirectDict();
action.PutName("S", "GoTo3DView");
action.PutString("TA", annot_dict); // The target annotation for which
to set the view.

// Set The view to use. It may be one of the following types:
// - A 3D view dictionary (see 13.6.4, “3D Views”).
// - An integer specifying an index into the VA array in the 3D
stream (see Table 300).
// - A text string matching the IN entry in one of the views in the
VA array (see Table 304).
// - A name that indicates the first (F), last (L), next (N),
previous (P), or default (D)
// entries in the VA array;

Obj view = doc.CreateIndirectDict();
view.PutName("Type, "3DView");
view.PutText("XN, "Default");
view.PutText("XN, "Default");

action.PutString("V", view); // The view to use.

// Hook the action to the bookmark...
Bookmark mybookmark = Bookmark.Create(doc, "MyBookmark");
mybookmark.SetAction(new Action(action));

A helpful tool that can be used to inspect contents of existing PDF
files is CosEdit ( With
CosEdit you can open working PDF files with 3D bookmarks (or other
types of content) and see how the data is organized.