Consistent jvm crash upon merging annotations across pdfs

We are seeing consistent crash of the jvm when merging annotations across pdf documents, if one of the pdfs have a digital signature. The signature is created by ConSignO software.

Attaching the crash log.

There was an improvement to how PDFNet handles merging annotations and files with digital signatures.

Please try the latest production ready nightly build.

If that does not help, then this almost certainly a file specific issue. Is it possible to get one of the files that causes the issue? You can email to do this privately.

Sure Ryan. Will try the build. If it doesn’t work, I’ll check if I can share the file.

Hi Ryan,

The build on 31st Jan fixed the issue. Could you please point me to the changelog of each of those builds?

Hi Ryan,

The 31st Jan build fixed the issue of digital signatures. Just wanted to know, if you have a changelog of all the daily builds.