Convert from XAML/XPS to PDF without use of temporary files.

Q: I am currently working on application where we need to covert the
XAML and XPS file to PDF using PDFNet SDK.

I am generating XPS from XAML (FlowDocument) and than converting it to
PDF. I am very interesting if you have a solution that does NOT write
a temporary file into HDD. Please let me know if you have a solution
or recommendation for my situation.

A: The latest version of PDFNet (v5.6 -
includes a new version of XPS to PDF converter
(pdftron.PDF.Convert.FromXps() -> Filter;) that does not use any temp
files. To stream XPS to PDF you can use the same technique using
'pdftron.Filters.FileterReader' as shown in SilverDoxStreaming sample.