Convert HTML (containing SVG) to PDF using PDFNetJs in a browser

I am evaluating the use of PDFNetJs for one of our customers.

We need in-browser functionality for merging arbitrary PDF files into one single file. Merging works with PDFNetJs like a charm.

The second requirement to create PDF content from HTML including SVG graphics. I could not find any useful information about HTML2PDF support for JavaScript running in a browser. At least there seems to exist an API for HTML2PDF in PDFNetJs but it does not work as expected (in the evaluation version).

My question: Is it possible (and if so how) to convert HTML and SVG to PDF by the help of PDFNetJs running in a browser environment?

Thank you for your interest in our products.

The HTML2PDF API is actually a server side only technology. That API should not be available in PDFNetJS. I’ll look to see that corrected for a future release.

Could you clarify why HTML and SVG to PDF conversion is important for you?
Why is it important to do in the browser?

Thanks for clarification.

The situation is as follows:
On the server side we have a Salesforce environment where this kind of functionality is not available.
The application is designed to be a cloud-only solution running virtually in any browser.
Some diagrams and graphics are rendered in SVG and would have to be somehow embedded in a PDF document as well.