Convert HTML to PDF with PDFTron

Q: I would like to know more about HTML to PDF Convert Add-on feature in PDFTron PDFNet SDK. Would you help to answer the following questions?

  1. Is it a add-on to PDFTron SDK? API call?

  2. Does it support Java? Is it pure java?

  3. If we run it at a websphere with 1 single process, what is the license mode?

  4. We want to convert HTML to PDF, does it support to receive “HTML content” via API?

  5. I have two sample HTML files? Would you help to convert it with the addon feature? The files contain chinese characters stored in UTF-8.

  6. Can I download any trail copy for this add-on?


‘pdftron.PDF.Html2Pdf’ ( is part of PDFNet Convert Add-on.

This functionality is supported in Java and other languages (.NET, Python, PHP, Ruby, ObjC). Due to native dependencies it is not a ‘pure’ java solution, however the same API works on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

As a starting point please take a look at Html2Pdf sample project:

You can convert Web sites to PDF via URL, load local HTML files, or convert HTML strings (e.g. dynamic content) to PDF. You will need to download the extra DLL from All of this is described as part of the above sample.

Attached is the sample output generated using the provided HTML files.

➢ If we run it at a server with a single processor, what is the license mode?

If you are running PDFNet on a single CPU system you would need a single CPU license (for more info please see In case you have more specific sales questions you can forward them to sales at

➢ Can I download any trail copy for this add-on?

Yes, a fully functional demo is available from: