Convert MS Word documents into PDF’s via an API.

Q: I was wondering if you have the ability to convert MS Word
documents into PDF’s via an API.

We have a proposed project that we will need to create a web
application that will allow the user to select multiple files (PDF and
WORD). Then we will need to combine them into one document as a PDF
and present it to the user.

I would prefer to have an API that does this directly without the need
of a PDF Printer. The processing will happen on the web server and
there may be multiple users doing this processing at the same time.
A: PDFNet includes a Convert Add-on module (pdftrom.PDF.Convert)
which includes a number of direct converters (e.g. for XPS, EMF, and
raster formats) as well as direct Office conversion from MS Office via
interop. This conversion does not go through a virtual printer driver
and is run as a background process without any user feedback. As a
fallback, the convert API also supports universal conversion from any
format to PDF through a virtual printer driver.

As a starting point you may want to take a look at Convert sample