Convert PDF Portfolio to SVG

Product: PDFTron SDK

Product Version: 9.1.0

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How to convert PDF Portfolio to SVG

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Prerequisite: A PDF Portfolio containing different documents (Word, Excel, PDF, Images, …)
Which steps are required to convert this to SVG?

Iterate though all of it, convert each file to PDF, merge to one big PDF and then convert to SVG does not sound like something I would like to do, especially since all examples of how to handle a PDF Portfolio don’t work with the current version.

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Hello Hendrik,

While we do not have a direct way to convert all contents of a PDF package to a different format like SVG, the current method of extracting the files and converting to SVG is the best way to fulfill your requirements.

Just to clarify, is the PDFPackageTest sample project not working on your end? If so, what is failing?

Thank you.