Convert PDF to TIF

Q: We’re attempting to take PDFs and convert them into single page (or multi-page) TIF files. Is there another library you offer that would accomplish that easier? The “Convert” sample in PDFNet discusses converting to PDF; but I found nothing to convert FROM PDF to TIF. Is this, instead, a feature of PDF2Image - and we should be using that library instead?


You can convert PDF to TIFF using PDFDraw class:

It is as simple as: draw.Export(doc.GetPage(1), “my.tif”, “TIFF”);

You could also use PDF2Image, but what you are looking for is already part of PDFNet.

The only advantage of PDF2Image is that is offers built-in multi-page Tiff export. Now, with PDFNet you can do the same but need some extra work (e.g. using .NET API and pdfdraw.GetBitmap() to assemble the multi-page tiff).