Converting from .docx to .pdf is not preserving paragraph format (Specifically keep with next)

Product: PDFTron python

Product Version: 9.3.0 (but is happening on other versions we have too)

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The ‘keep with next’ paragraph format is not being properly converted to PDF.

Please describe your issue and provide steps to reproduce it:
Keep with next is not keeping paragraphs with next after conversion to PDF, even though it is displayed properly in doc viewers (Word and google docs both display it correctly)

Create a docx file with a 2 lines that spans 2 pages

Select “keep with next” in the paragraph format settings for the top line

Observe the top line jumps to the next page

Convert to PDF with the Convert.OfficeToPDF() or Convert.WordToPDF() PDFTron funcs

Observe the top line is on the first page still

Please provide a link to a minimal sample where the issue is reproducible:
This zip file has a mini project where the issue is reproducible. Enter your product key in the Initialize func and run the python script, then notice how there is a difference between the toc-kwn.docx and toc.docx files, but no difference between the pdf files created from them

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Thank you for the report. I have reproduced, and this is now with the office conversion team.

As an update, the team is planning to add the Keep with next feature in the next release (PDFNet 9.5).


Thanks Ryan

Hi Ryan,

The PDFNet 9.5 update has not fixed this issue.
We were waiting on this to push a new feature - Is there a new ETA on this fix?

The team has marked this issue as to be worked on in the next sprint or two (next 4-6 weeks) so if all goes well it will be in the upcoming 10.1 release mid-May.

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The team has resolved this issue, and it will be available in our 10.2 release at the end of June.

To get notified for the next official SDK release you can join our Discourse Announcements channel.

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