Converting HTML to PDF


Is it possible to convert HTML to PDF on Windows OS? I would also like to use my PWS account.


Yes, it is certainly possible to convert HTML files on a windows OS, using PDFTron’s DocPub command line tool, and PDFTron Web Services (PWS) licensing.

  1. First download DocPub for Windows:
  2. If you do not have MS Word installed
  3. Download PDFTron HTML2PDF module:
  4. Extract and place the HTML2PDF.dll file in the same directory as DocPub.exe1. Run the following command

docpub.exe -f pdf -o output path_to_html_file

This will create a new folder called output, and in it will be the generated PDF file.

Note, that these same instructions work for Linux and OSX, just pick the appropriate DocPub and HTML2PDF downloads.

When you are ready to license the conversion, and remove the watermark, then follow the instructions for signing up for a PDFTron Web Services (PWS) account, and loading your PWS credentials with DocPub, at the link below.