converting pptx to xod is failing: not able to kill powerpoint process after launch causing this

In my ASP .Net application, I am using 'PDFTron'. We are using following code to convert Office documents to XOD:

                string fileName = Path.GetFileName(pdfTronServiceRequest.FilePath);
                fileName = ConstructConvertionFileName(fileName);
                outFileName = Path.Combine(outputPath, fileName);
                pdftron.PDF.Convert.ToXod(pdfTronServiceRequest.FilePath, outFileName);
                response.Result = outFileName;
This code works well for filetypes like docx, xlsx, however for Powerpoint files, no response is returned(request timed out). On checking the Task Manager window, we can see that a process for 'POWERPNT.exe' is started. However, this process never ends up itself(unlike that in case of word, excel upload). Also, if I manually ends up this process, the conversion to XOD is successful and response is coming out correctly.

Also, please note that we are facing this issue only when we deploy the code on our test environments. Locally, PPT upload is working fine.

Let me know if you need any other information.

Would like to share our experiences..

I would recommend you create a Windows Service and run the conversion in a separate process. We run the service as a user who is an administrator and has rights to run the service. Also the user who is running the service has to have accepted the MS office licensing to make sure Office is a fully licensed product.