Converting to XOD changes date formats


We have a problem when we are converting Excel files etc. to XOD. The date format in these files are changed to the regional settings of the server where office is installed.
We have a web server where office is installed where there also is a webservice. This server has UK regional settings. Our main application on another server is then calling the web service to do the conversion, and thus all document now has UK date formats.

This is a problem for us as we have users uploading documents from many different countries. For example, an american user uploads a spreadsheet, the dates would be converted to UK format.

How can we fix this issue?


Is it possible to get the input and output files? If they are confidential you can send them direct to the support team, instead of here in the forum.

If you cannot, then the main question is what did you use to convert the Excel file? Do you know if you are using MS Office (installed on the machine)? or our internal converter?

Hi Ryan,

We are using MS Office that is installed on the machine, and MS Office is using the windows regional settings to apply the date formats.

You don’t need to our file as this is affected by windows settings.

You can easily reproduce this with any excel file by first creating it when having United States format in regional settings in windows. Then changing the regional format in windows to e.g. United Kingdom, and then open the file in office again, you can see that the date formats now has changed.

Could this be solved by using the internal converter instead? If so, do you have any example on how to use it?



Any update on this one?


Thank you for the clarifications.

There are very limited options exposed MS Office conversion, so PDFNet does not have such control over the date handling.

However, yes, our internal converter would handle this as you expect. If you need further assistance with using our internal converter let me know, or reach out here.

Thanks Ryan,

I have created a ticket for this.