Converting xfdfx annotations to fdf annotations


I am using your PDFNet Java library demo for a proof of concept to
convert xfdf annotations to a fdf annotation. I am using the FDFDoc
classes to create a FDFDoc from a xfdf file and saving it to a fdf
file. The resultant fdf file does not have any annotations in it and
in fact acrobat complains that the file is corrupted.

Is there a different way to convert the xfdf annotations to fdf

Please let me know


At the moment FDFDoc.CreateFromXFDF() does not support loading annotation elements.

Since XFDF is a simple XML format you could use Java XML API ( to load XFDF data and use FDFDoc to create and serialize FDF (similar to SDF sample - To inspect the contents of existing FDF you can use free CosEdit utility (