Copy from PDF with formatting

WebViewer Version: 10.4

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Copy from PDF with formatting

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We would like to allow our users to copy a selection from a PDF in WebViewer and paste into a supporting editor (e.g. Google Docs) with formatting and layout preserved (as close as possible). Currently we can only get the raw text of a selection. Is there anything that can be done to achieve this, possibly by converting the selection to HTML?

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Hello George,

Thank you for contacting us.

Could you elaborate more on how you want the pasted text to look? Are you looking for the line breaks, spacing and font size to be exactly like the original document? Is there anything else specific you need copied?

I copied this text from our showcase.

And pasted it into Google Docs. Note I am using a Mac device.

Based on this Google Docs image, it looks like copying was successful in preserving most of the spacing except the breaks between the paragraphs and header (Overview).

Best Regards,

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