Could I see concrete steps for building the PHP wrappers on Linux?


I’m having trouble following the steps in the ( regarding how to build the PHP wrappers ( on Linux. Could you give concrete example commands of what exactly to run?


Suppose you wanted to build and run the 64-bit PHP wrappers on Linux. You could run the following set of commands:

mkdir wrappers_build # Make a directory to build the wrappers in.
cd wrappers_build # Move to that directory.
git clone GitHub - PDFTron/PDFNetWrappers: Code repository for building different language bindings for PDFNetC. # Git the code.
cd PDFNetWrappers/PDFNetC # Move to where we download PDFNet.
wget # Download PDFNet.
tar xzvf PDFNetC64.tar.gz # Unpack PDFNet.
mv PDFNetC64/Headers/ . # Move PDFNet Headers/ into place.
mv PDFNetC64/Lib/ . # Move PDFNet Lib/ into place.
cd … # Go back up.
mkdir Build # Create a directory to create the Makefiles in.
cd Build # Move to that directory.
cmake -D BUILD_PDFNetPHP=ON … # Create the Makefiles with CMake.
make # Build the PHP wrappers.
make install # Copy the PHP wrappers to where the samples can find them.
cd …/Samples # Move to the Samples directory.
./ # Run all PHP code samples, using the new wrappers.