Couldn't download the pdf in the webviewer UI in React app after adding free Text annotation programmatically in the app

I added the code for freeText Annotation in the webviewer to add text annotation programmatically in the pdf . After adding the annotation code the download button provided by the webviewer stopped working.
But other annotation except from freetext like rectangular annotation etc worked.

After adding the freeText annotation programmatically i even cant send my annotated pdf as a blob.
It gives type Error(check the error image provided with this).

Code i used to add the freeText annotation is the same provided in this link by pdftron


Thank you for contacting us about this issue. There seem to be an update that made “richTextStyle” required for downloading. The following build should fix this issue

Please let me know if that build works for you

Best Regards

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Thanks Andrew Using this build it is working perfectly.