Create a new text field on an existing PDF


I am creating a new PTField and placing it into the PTPDFDoc which is already existing. But I do not see the newly created field displayed on the document. Please guide me with creating the same

I have the following code snippet to create the field:

PTField newfield = [document FieldCreateWithString:@“TextField” type:e_pttext field_value:@"" def_field_value:@"*"];

PTWidget *newWidget = [PTWidget Create:[document GetSDFDoc] pos:[[PTPDFRect alloc] initWithX1:20 y1:120 x2:10 y2:10] field:newfield];

[Widgetpage AnnotPushBack:newWidget];//Widgetpage is the page object into which filed has to be displayed

[document RefreshFieldAppearances];//document is a PTPDFDoc object


Everything looks correct, I suspect the issue is with the Widget rectangle. The x2,y2 values are the opposite corner to the rectangle, not the width. Try something like the following.

PTWidget *newWidget = [PTWidget Create:[document GetSDFDoc] pos:[[PTPDFRect alloc] initWithX1:200 y1:500 x2:300 y2:600] field:newfield]; // 100x100 rect starting at 200,500


If that doesn’t help, you can post the before and after PDF files here, or if they are confidential you can send them to support at pdftron.