Create a PDF page with an image replicated to cover the background


I have an image that I want to use it as background.

// Image img = Image.create(doc.getSDFDoc(), (input_path + “peppers.jpg”));


// element = eb.createImage(img, new Matrix2D(img.getImageWidth()/2, -145, 20, img.getImageHeight()/2, 200, 150));

// writer.writePlacedElement(element);


// gstate = element.getGState(); // use the same image (just

// // change its matrix)

// gstate.setTransform(200, 0, 0, 300, 50, 450);

// writer.writePlacedElement(element);


// // use the same image again (just change its matrix).

// writer.writePlacedElement(eb.createImage(img, 300, 600, 200, -150));

I am not able to understand he input parameters to createImage or the setTransform

The Javadoc documentation shows as arg0, arg1 and provides no clue on how to use it.

  1. Can you please give me the argument description for creaqteImage and setTransform ?
  2. If I have an image and I need to stretch to the document width and length, how should I do that?
  3. If I want to replicate the same image how do I do that?


We have a sample of how to use element builder on our website:

We also have documentation for our Java API:

Our setTransform function requires a Matrix2D that represents an affine transformation.

In case you want to tile the background with an image, you should create a ‘tiling pattern’. Then you can use this patter to fill … let say a rectangle that cover the whole page. For a concrete example please see Pattern sample project: