Create custom button in modal "customStampModal"

WebViewer Version: v10.8.0

Dear support team,

we are new to the WebViewer and we want to use stamps. Besides the default stamps the WebViewer also has the UI where the User can create a custom stamp directly in the UI. When such stamp is created it seems like this stamp is saved on the client. But we want to allow our customers to save the stamps on the server.

So the idea is that we add an additional “Save” button on the modal “customStampModal”. Is this possible? Or is it maybe possible to overwrite the logic which is executed when the “stamp-create” button is clicked in the modal.

Thanks for your feedback

Hello @andreas.krummsdorf ,

If you would like to save custom stamps to you server, we suggest listening to the stampsUpdated event.

This event is triggered whenever the standard/custom stamp list is updated, including when the “stamp-create” button is clicked in the modal. The callback function includes the updated list of stamps.

Once this event is triggered, you can pass the updated list of custom stamps back to the server to save.

You can find the following relevant APIs:

Hope this helps!

Best Regards,
Jacob Romano Carlsen
Web Development Support Engineer
Apryse Software Inc.

Hey Jacob,

thanks a lot for the fast response. I already tried the “stampsUpdated” event and thought there might be a better solution. Since here you always get all stamps and then we have to find out if a stamp was removed or added. But we will try it anyway.

Thanks again and have a good week