Creating a custom PDF print driver that allows user to define the location where the file should be saved.

Q: Currently, we Acrobat print driver to print documents to a file. We will be replacing acrobat with the PDFTron print driver. Is it possible to enter text in an application say notepad and then print the document to a pdf file from Notepad print menu using PDFTron print driver.

We currently don’t see any way, when printing interactively, to specify the file that the PDF would be created in. Is there a way to do this?

A: Default PDFNet printer driver is used mainly for programmatic printing (there is no GUI). When interactively printing directly from an application the driver will save the XPS spool file to ‘C:*.xps’.

I suppose that you could implement some folder/file monitoring API that could then ask a user to save/move the file to another location (and convert it along the way using ‘pdftron.PDF.Convert.FromXps()).

Another option is that you write your own printer driver with PDFTron’s ‘Virtual Driver SDK’. This way you can completely customize the GUI and the behavior. You can download a sample PDF driver (called PDFTronCreator) using the following links:

PDFTron’s ‘Virtual Driver SDK’ extends PDFNet SDK with source code for a complete virtual printer driver (including GUI, installer, etc).