Creating JBIG2 optimized and searchable PDF documents using PDFNet.

I am looking for a PDF component that will allow us to compress and
recompress (using JBIG/JBIG2) a library of several million G4-encoded
PDF files and OCR them to create searchable PDFs. We need to apply the
same tools dynamically to new PDFs we add to our collection of

Our sole need is to generate compressed, searchable PDFs from existing
PDFs, and make those PDFs available to our clients at little or no

We also need the ability to optionally stamp individual PDF pages.

You can use PDFNet SDK ( to recompress existing
documents using JBIG2 compression. As a starting point you may want to
take a look at JBIG2 sample project (
samplecode.html#JBIG2). The same API can be used to dynamically create
new PDF documents (with or without JBIG2 images).

PDFNet SDK can also be used to scanned PDF documents with searchable
text (see as
well as to stamp individual PDF pages (see