Creating PDFs with variable content.

Q: My goal is to have a easily modifiable form that that have address
block information and a few more fields merged into it and save it as
a PDF. I have looked at HTML/RTF to PDF converters but too much of the
formatting is lost. You sight seems to offer two solutions: adobe
forms, editing raw text. Is this correct, or is there a better
A: The following two options are fairly simple to implement with no
information loss:

- You could start with PDF template (not a PDF form) and append/stamp
variable information (i.e. address, etc)
  The following articles are relevant:

- You could start with a AcroForm PDF template, fill-in form-fields,
than flatten PDF.

Editing raw text using PDFNet is possible, but can be tricky.
Implementing a search & replace is simpler but is still more
complicated that the above methods.