Custom annotation filtering

Is it possible to add a custom filtering option to filter the annotations based on status ( Accepted/Rejected/Cancelled/Completed/None/Marked/Unmarked)? If yes, can you please give some sample code/pointers on how to do this?

Currently, adding a filter by status is not available yet, but we are planning to add it in the future.

However, you can add it yourself if you wish, for that you need to clone our WebViewer UI repo from our open-source repo on Github and look at these two files: FIlterAnnotModel.js and NotesPanel.js for adding custom annotation filtering. Also, you can take a look at this API: PDFTron WebViewer Class: WebViewerInstance

Thanks Sardor, Any hint on when this feature could be released?

Unfortunately, I’ll not be able to give any dates, but I’ll discuss it internally and will try to expedite this update and let you know about it.

This new status filter will be available in the next 8.0.0 version of WebViewer which will be released in next upcoming weeks

Thank you much for the follow-up. I will let the team know to implement this.