Custom error handling when loading PDFs

Hi I’m using (still) WebViewer 5.1.0. Is there a way to custom handle errors occurring when loading pdfs? For instance, I have a .png file which I renamed to .pdf, thus making it an “invalid pdf”. When I try to load it with the webViewer I get an error in the console (which is correct): “Uncaught (in promise) PDF header not found. The file is not a valid PDF document.”
I would like to be able to intercept such errors and execute my own callback if possible.
I have added
$(document).on(‘error’, function(e) { //some code })
$(window).on(‘error’, function(e) { //some code })

in my config.js file but none of that works. Is there a chance to set a custom callback?
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Would you be able to try this approach? Here:

window.addEventListener(‘loaderror’, function(error) {
var error = error.detail?.message || error.detail || error.message;
console.log("Error occured: ", error);//or any message

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Sardor Isakov
Software Developer
PDFTron Systems, Inc.

Hello, does the error object have status and message properties? Or maybe I’m doing something wrong? Because in my case I only get the detail property and I need to be able to show the user a more descriptive error.