Custom stamps on header

Product: Webviewer

Product Version: Latest

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Customizing the UI to show custom rubber stamps at the header level

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I would like to dynamically add custom stamps to the header. Other actions will occur in the app that should append a custom stamp button to the header. I have used this link to dynamically add a “save” button:

I have also dynamically added a custom stamp to the “Insert/Stamp/Custom” dropdown.

However, I don’t want the user to have to go digging. I want the stamp button at the very top level. They will be doing very little else besides stamping, adjusting zoom and rotation, and panning. There is no need for the View/Annotate/Insert menu at all - just need to throw some stamps on the fax and be done with it.

In short, how do I add a rubber stamp button to the header?

Hello @compgumby

I’ve been working with your colleague JP on a very similar question he posited to me last week. Please see the PDFTron ticket I responded to in your e-mail (23958), and we can continue the conversation there.