Custom Webviewer fails to loadDocument with v10.0.0

WebViewer Version: v10.0.0

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All files I have tested fail

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Custom Webviewer fails to loadDocument with 10.0.0

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Calling documentViewer.loadDocument() triggers this error:
Uncaught Error: Argument NaN in Document.getPageInfo must be a function

We have a custom webviewer in an Ember.js application that breaks when loading a document after updating from v8.11.0.

This issue start with v8.12.0, and I submitted an original ticket here: Custom Webviewer fails to loadDocument with 8.12.0

The issue is also present with the major bump to v10.0.0.




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Steps to install dependencies and run the application are in

The error for the v10.0.0 error exists on the main branch or the 10.0.0 branch.
The error for the v8.12.0 error exists on the 8.12.0 branch.
A working viewer with v8.11.0 exists on the 8.11.0 branch.

You will need to re yarn and yarn move:pdftron when switching between versions

Other Potentially Relevant Changes:

await this.Core.PDFNet.initialize();

According to the official documentation for pdfnet initialize you could pass null as the first argument to start in demo mode, but this broke with the 8.12.0 update. There is no documented change to initialize in the 8.12.0 changelog.

We’re now not passing any argument.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

  • Ben

Hi Ben,

Thank you for the detailed report.
I was able to reproduce this issue and have verified that this is a WebViewer bug when interacting with Ember.

I have created a bug report for this. We will update you once we have a build with the fix for you to test.

Best Regards,
Ahmad Moaaz
Software Developer

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Hi Ben,

The fix for this issue has been merged into our 10.1 Experimental builds here:

It will also be included in the release for 10.1

Best Regards,
Ahmad Moaaz
Software Developer

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