Customize Annotation quick menu Xamarin

I want to add a new menu item in the quick menu when an annotation is selected in Xamarin iOS, Xamarin Android and Xamarin UWP. The default quick menu items are Style, Note, Done, Delete. How can this be done?
I have tried the following code in Xamarin iOS without any luck:

_ToolManager.ShouldShowMenu = (sender, menuController, annotation, pageNumber) =>
var mi = new UIMenuItem(“Foo”, new Selector(“item1:”));
menuController.MenuItems = new UIMenuItem[] { mi };
UIMenuController.SharedMenuController.MenuItems = new UIMenuItem[] { mi };


Hi Natalia,

Please see the following links to help you with customizing menu items in the three platforms:



Additionally, please see the following sample code:

void demoAddQuickMenuItems()
mToolManager.ShouldShowMenu = (sender, menuController, annotation, pageNumber) =>
// Add menu item for “My Action”.
var item = new UIMenuItem(“My Action”, new Selector(“customAction”));
menuController.MenuItems = addQuickMenuItem(menuController.MenuItems, item);

return true;

void CustomAction()
Console.WriteLine("~my action~");


Edit the AnnotEdit.cs in the Tools project, mMenuTitles object is what you want to change.