Customize Comment Box in Notes Panel

WebViewer Version: 10.1.0

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Customization of Comment Box in Notes Panel

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Good day,

I would like to ask if there is a way to add html elements to the comment box. For example we would like to add a fixed text and a hyperlink and is not part of the comments text:

I did notice that in the XFDF, there is a “trn-custom-data” section where the WebViewer uses to store mentions and attachments data. I also see there is an API for getting/setting the custom data (in the form of Core.Annotations.Annotation.setCustomData(…)):

We are thinking to put our display text and URL data in this custom data area so that it’s saved as part of XFDF and then override something in the WebViewer to render these as a Link in the comment box. Is this possible?

Thank you!