Customize Multi Select buttons in Notes Panel

WebViewer Version: 8.12.0

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Add custom buttons to Multi Select buttons section in Notes Panel

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Good day.

We wish to add a custom button to the group of buttons that appear when you select multiple comments from the Notes Panel. I checked the existing guides but they were focused on adding/updating buttons on the Header and the Context Menus. See screenshot from a mockup below:


Would like to confirm if this is supported in this v8.12.0 and how the code for this looks like? Also, we wish to use this specific Material Design icon (see this link)

Thank you very much!

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Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to WebViewer forums,

We don’t currently support a way to customize the icons in the notes-panel footer, but you can customize this by forking our UI repository by following this guide here:

Best regards,
Kevin Kim