Customizing pagination in HTML to PDF conversion.

Q: I am trying to use 'pdftron.PDF.HTML2PDF' to convert an HTML table
to a PDF. I would like to have the table header on every page but the
library does not appear to be respecting the <thead> tag or the
<tbody> tag. I would also like to prevent rows from getting split
across pages.

At the moment HTML to PDF converter does not support tbody/thread. It
is possible to force breaks using CSS such as

<div style="page-break-after: always;"><span style="display:

A potential way to add table headers is using 'pdftron.PDF.Stamper' as
shown in Stamper sample:

If required, you can also resize all pages prior to stamping by
adjusting the media & crop box (e.g. along the lines of Rect sample).

In case you need more controls over pagination and layout you may want
to consider using Xaml and FlowDocuments (
us/library/aa970909.aspx) as shown in Xaml2Pdf sample: