Deploying PDFNet for .NET/WPF: How to resolve FileLoadException due to missing VC redistributable

Q: When using the PDFTron PDFNet for WPF DLL on a 64 bit machine (not a developer 's machine), without the Visual C++ run time, we are getting a FileLoadException due to missing VC++ redistributable .

Is there a way around this? We don’t want to have to roll the VC++ redistributable installer into our installer if we can avoid it. I saw this!searchin/pdfnet-sdk/C$2B$2B$20Runtime/pdfnet-sdk/0iSGT0IbGZU/nfVLl34pwaoJ

and wondered if there was any intention of getting away form this requirement, or if there is a work around


The problem is that Microsoft broke the compatibility in newer versions of Visual Studio by disallowing static linking with CRT for .NET components. We complained to MS but it seems they have their own reasons for this move.

You do not necessarily need to ‘install’ VC++ CRT. Instead you can simply copy the required DLLs (e.g. MSVCP100.DLL & MSVCR100.DLL) into the same folder where PDFNet.DLL is located. No need to register anything and simple copy deployment should work. A utility called can help you to identivy which 2 DLLs are required.