Determine if text content fir annotation size

WebViewer Version: “@pdftron/webviewer”: “^10.5.0”,

I am creating a text annotation where the text content doesn’t fit inside the annotation.

I need to determine if all my content is visible inside the annotation or if the annotation will cut off some part of the content.
If the text content doesn’t fit within the annotation, is there a method to automatically resize only the height of my annotation based on the content height?

So, I need two solutions:

  1. Check if the text content fits the annotation.
  2. Resize the annotation height based on the content height.

For second problem I can use something like


where annotation will be with updated height. But perhaps there are some simple solution.


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Any updates?

With regards.

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Hi mturenko87,

You could try and use setAutoSizeType for Free Text Annotation. You can find the API here:

You can read more about Free Text Annotations here: Apryse Documentation | Documentation

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