Dialog window with white background while on 'TABLET VIEW'

Product: PDFtron android SDK

Product Version:9.2.1

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While on the ‘Tablet’ view, a Dialog window with white background has appeared when the user tries to open the ‘Color’ selection tool from the ‘Appearance’ annotation tool. Kindly help us to resolve this.

Sample video attached for the reference.

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Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce this issue.

Based on the video you have sent, the issue may be style related.
The style dialog uses a style called FullScreenDialogStyle, could you let us know if you have implemented your own style called FullScreenDialogStyle?

Would you mind letting us know if you are using the theme PDFTronAppTheme as a parent to your activity theme? If not, you will need to modify your theme to have PDFTronAppTheme as the parent.

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Thanks for your guidance.

Unfortunately I am able to reproduce this issue, even after replacing the PDFTronAppTheme as a parent activity/fragment level theme.

And we are not using “FullScreenDialogStyle” in the code base in which we are integrating PDFtron.

Is there any way i can customise or get a control over ‘am_appearance’ or ‘style’ item dialog which appears on tap of an annotation ?

Attaching the reference image of the same.

@ananthasooraj.pai It’s something in your theme, without knowing what it is we won’t be able to give you the correct suggestion, could you send us a sample project? You could also send us your project via the private ticketing system here: PDFTron Systems Inc. | Form

This would be the fastest way to solve this problem. Thanks.

@Shirley_G Thanks. Will gather the info you have requested and share you the code snippets/samples as early as possible.