Difference in Document Viewer Behavior in Side by Side

WebViewer Version: 8.12.0

When viewing a PDF in side-by-side one side the PDF smoothly scrolls and is a continuous page, but the left side shows 1 page at a time. Is there a setting where i can see a continuous page since that is the desired behavior.

this is hard to explain but sometimes it jumps from page to page and sometimes the header seems stagnant but the middle of the page scrolls. Is there a way to disable this behavior and only allow the continuous page?

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Please look at this guide to toggle the display mode in the UI and programmatically:

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Kevin Kim

thanks @kkim

i tried that like so

    setDisplayMode(index) {
      const { Core } = this.instance
      const viewer = Core.getDocumentViewers()[index]
      const displayModeManager = viewer.getDisplayModeManager()
      displayModeManager.setDisplayMode(new Core.DisplayMode(viewer, Core.DisplayModes.Continuous))

While it works, it seems to duplicate the first page of the pdf and place it at the end. sometimes its a blank page with just the annotations. any ideas?

This was solved by setting the display mode BEFORE loading the document