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Digital Signature Signing - veriication by external parties shows invalid

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Im looking at the sample provided on your site here JS Digital Signature Demo | PDFTron WebViewer

  1. I apply a text signature using PDF tron

  2. Then I apply the Digital ID, on the left hand side and click “Apply Approval Signature”

  3. Then when I click Verify Signature “Signature is Valid” as shown below (2nd image)

  4. However if I download the PDF using the “Download Document” Blue button in the left panel, and verify it outside ( I get an error message " (See 1st image attached below)

The signature is invalid because changes were detected between the original document and the signed one.

Why does your validation say its valid, but external validator is rejecting it as invalid ?

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The certificate should be provided by a CA provider and used to certify the document as shown in this guide: PDFTron Systems Inc. | Documentation.

You get a certificate from a CA provider and use it to sign and validate a document. It is signed with a private key and when validation is needed, then the public key available through the CA is used. It would be best to go through a third party as they would have generated a proper certificate and have reachable CA’s for validation. You could check out this guide or research deeper into what you need for your use case: How Digital Signatures Work | DocuSign

Although, you can use your own generated certificate, I believe those cannot be properly validated by third party services like DocuSign since the CA would be invalid.

You can use the CA provided certificate for any of your documents.

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