digital signing custom

I reviewing this software urgently require a solution for digital signing appearance.
Logo Company name
           Signed by XXXX
           Date time

I try to adjust the logo from sample from digitalsignature.m but it always filled up the signature box.

Yes, the appearance stream will be scaled up or down to fit the annotation bounding box.

Do you mean digitalsignatureTool.m ?

You can adjust the BBox entry, to add padding around it. This way you can avoid any scaling/stretching. If you match the BBox width to the Annot.GetRect width then their would be no horizontal scaling.

Note, that your appearance still needs to be contained within this BBox entry, as the BBox also acts a crop box.

If this doesn’t help I would need to know more about what you have tried, and what you expected to get. Input/output documents, code, screenshots