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Digital signing

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I’m trying to build a solution with PDF digital singing. I’m able to sign documents on the web but I’m struggling with signing documents using Flutter. Do I need to use native iOS and Android SDK to sign documents on mobile? Does Flutter offer that directly? Do I need to sign the document on server “Linux” ? And what license do I need to get to enable digital signing on Mobile?

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Hi there,

It is possible to sign with ios and android on client side:

Could you post some video of what you are trying and what is not working?
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Thank you, @Shirley_G for the reply. You’re showing the annotation part not the actual “Digital Signature” here. How is “Signature Annotation” signed with a certificate?

Digital signature is available in native code only so you will need to fork the Flutter SDK and use digital signature in Java/Obj-C:


Thank you! In this case, I can use server side digital signing instead so I can stick to using Flutter only.
Any plan to bring it to Flutter SDK soon?

Hi, there is no plan at the moment but please feel free to submit a feature request through our main website.