Direct PDF printing


Our HP 9050 does support printing of PDF directly and I have
successfully printed PDF files directly. What I loose is the ability
to set the page settings. Are there PDF objects that I could put in
the document that would say print this page on tray 3?

In your knowledge base I see discussions concerning size of spool
files. PDFTron response to an inquiry, sugests sending PDF file
direct to printer if printer supports PDF. I am able to do this
sending raw data to printer, but I need to set the
tray for individual pages. I have tried sending PCL escape sequences
sending the pdf page, but escape seq are ignored.


Unfortunately there is nothing in the PDF specification that directly
controls printer's settings. You may want to take a look at JDF (Job
Definition Format -
which is an XML file describing the print job. There are not many
office printers supporting JDF directly, but it may be worth a look.
In some cases it is possible to send special commands (as escape
sequences) to affect how the file will be printed, but this can be
printer specific.