Disable annotations, but keep form fields

Product: webviewer

Product Version: 10.1.1

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I’d like to disable all of the annotation features in webviewer and still maintain the ability for the users to fill in the already existing form fields in the pdf. Setting enableAnnotations: false gets me most of the way there but it also hides all of the form fields.

Before I go down the path of individually disabling elements I wanted to check here to see if there is an easier way.

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    path: '/assets',
    licenseKey: '',
    // enableAnnotations: false,
    enableFilePicker: false,
    enableMeasurement: false,
    enableRedaction: false,

Hi Jared,

What you could do instead disabling annotation altogether is restricting users access to them.
For example, you could use “isReadOnly: true” in WebViewer constructor.
You can also use the following code snippet:
“instance.UI.disableElements([ ‘ribbons’, ‘toolsHeader’, ‘contextMenuPopup’])”
This will disable UI component of the annotations (users won’t be able to see them in the header), but they will be able to fill form fields and see existing annotations on the document.

You can read more about isReadOnly here:

You can read more about mentioned UI customisation:

And here: Apryse WebViewer Namespace: UI

Hope this helps.

All the best,