Disable signature drap and drop

How to disable drag and drop of signature/initials feature from signature tool overlay?

Hi Imran
To better assist you, we need more. information.
Could you please give us more detail like the use case or why you want to disable the drag and drop feature?
If you want to disable this how else are signatures to be applied if there is no widgets?


Hi Jack,
Thanks for your reply.

Use Case:

  1. If there is no widget, user can not apply signature.
  2. If there is widget, user can apply signature once. (But if drag and drop feature is enabled, user can apply signature more than once which i don’t want. )


Hi Imran
The workaround for you is that you could customize the UI for yourself. If you don’t know customize the UI, you could check this guide for more information.
You could comment out this line
You need to do some refactor from this line and this line also this line