Disabling annotation for second PDF during semantic comparision

Product:Pdf js apryse

Product Version:latest

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Semantic Comparision annotation disabling

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During semantic comparision ,two pdf are loaded,I want to disable annotation for second pdf,Below is the screenshot.(annotation on red circle,I want user to not able to annotate on that pdf.)

Hello nikhil.saxena,

You mention you are using: “Pdf js apryse”
Are you using WebViewer or PDFJS Express?

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Hellow tgordon
We are using pdfjs express.

Hello nikhil.saxena,

Thank you for clarifying, in the future please open a thread in the PDFJS Express community forum: Technical Support - PDF.js Express

You can remove the annotations by getting the specific documentViewer that the document is associated with

// getting the second document's annotation manager, then you can perform the APIs

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