Do I have to pass in license key everytime to PageMaster?

I have a license key and I see I can pass it this way

pagemaster -lic_key “my_key”

But is there a way to pass in without always passing in from the command line arguments?

Yes, you can put your key into a pagemaster.lic file and place in the same folder as pagemaster binary.

This applies for all the command line tools, just create a .lic file with filename matching the cli. So for pdf2image it would be pdf2image.lic

Attached is a TXT file, as a template, just do the following.

  1. download the attachment
  2. Open in a text editor, and enter your key on line 4.
  3. Remove the “.txt” extension, so it is just “.lic”
  4. Rename the filename part to match the command line tool, e.g. “pdf2image.lic”
  5. Place in same folder as the matching command line tool.

pagemaster.lic.txt (146 Bytes)