doc.Close() time?

I’m using the PDFNetC dll and when deleting a lot of pages from a large PDF the call to doc.close() seem to take a long time.

for example with a 500 page document and deleting half the pages saving the file with doc.Save( fileName, SDFDoc::e_remove_unused, 0) takes about 6 seconds but doc.Close() is taking 45 seconds.

any ideas?


Thank you for letting us know that you’re seeing this behaviour. Slow PDFDoc.Close() calls can happen if you’re running inside a debugger (which, based on your PDFDoc.Save() time, sounds likely to be the case). Even in release builds, running PDFDoc.Close() without a debugger attached is usually much faster.

Please let me know whether that helps and if you have any further questions.

There running times seem to be extremely long, so I assume you are either dealing with extremely large & strange PDF or you are running on 286 :slight_smile: If you can send us a sample document to support at pdftron and well take a look. If you are concerned about confidentiality we will destroy all files when the case is closed.

Ah! Thank you.
I retried the scenario without the debugger running and the close time dropped to 51 milliseconds!
That’s a bit faster :slight_smile:

many thanks,