DocPub CLI: How to prevent auto-generation of fontconfig folder?

We have loaded the docpub CLI to our Linux/Apache system for testing and are calling command line conversions (from PDF to XOD) with PHP. During the output process, where the output folder and filename are specified, a fontconfig folder is being automatically generated and populated with cache files. How can we prevent this from happening? The docpub64 executable file is being used.

When I tested docpub CLI on my computer’s C: drive, the process did not create a fontconfig folder. This is the desired behavior.

Thank you, in advance, for your help!

Yes, this is something particular to fonts on linux. There is no way to prevent this, and we are not aware of this causing any issues for users. Is the creation of these files an issue for you? If so, please provide additional info so we can assist further.

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for the information. Are the fontconfig folders a necessary component for webviewer? As part of our process, we would like to automatically delete the fontconfig folders immediately after the completion of each conversion. Could this cause system errors or problems that we need to be aware of?

The files are not required, but they represent work that would have to be re-done each time if it was deleted. So for performance reasons it should be left alone.