DocPub License help

Product: DocPub

What license do I specifically need to run the DocPub program? I need to linearize at least 500+ pdf files and saw which seems to fit our needs. The license we have currently is as follows:

License Model: OEM Redistributable License 
License Type: PDFNetJS Core SDK 
Application Name: Project Delivery
Platform(s): Web

But it seems this is not the right license for DocPub. I saw this is snippet in the DocPub license file, but it doesn’t redirect correctly.

# DocPub license file.
# For steps on how to obtain API_ID/API_Secret please refer to:

If you can help us determine what license we need to run DocPub that would be great

We license on a per-platform basis, and DocPub is available for macOS/Linux/Windows platforms, but not Web.

Why is linearizing important for you?

For WebViewer we recommend the optional WebViewer Server, which takes care of things like Linearizing for you.

Can I use my current license for WebViewer Server? Or do I need to purchase another license specifically for it?

Yes, your Web license will work with WebViewer Server.