Document generation via template: is DOCX output format possible?

Hi, I’m evaluating PDFTron for dynamic document generation: is it possible to generate documents starting from a DOCX template and having an output in DOCX format?
Is there a “MS Office” to “MS Office” template merger?

Sure, you could use our DOCX to PDF template generation to get a PDF file, and then pass that PDF to our PDF to Word API.

Look for ToWord in the sample below

Thanks for your reply, the problem of this strategy is the loss of precision in the document layout between each conversion; we need to manage quite complex templates, with nested tables and huge amount of data (think of 500 pages for a single generated document), so we can’t afford an additional reverse conversion. Is there any chance you will implement a DOCX to DOCX template merge in the near future?

Thank you for the feedback, I have passed this onto the team. At this time though this feature is not planned.